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    Product Description
    TLSS Series Screw Conveyor is used for conveying powdery, granular and small block materials in grain, oil and feed mills of different scale.
    Working principle
    It is consist of a driving unit, a head, a feeding inlet, a screw body, a conveying section, suspension bearings and a tail.
    During operation, materials are fed into the conveying section through feeding inlet of conveyor, a thrust is produced to materials through screw blade and materials are pushed out from the feeding inlet to the discharge end.
    鈼?Compact in structure, simple in operation, and convenient in installation and maintenance;
    鈼?Direct-coupling or chain drive can be adopted according to technological requirements;
    鈼?The structure is reasonable, safe and reliable;
    鈼?Corresponding sealing forms such as reinforced seal may be selected according to the material property, conveying environment and so on;
    鈼?High output, low energy consumption.
    鈼?Good sealing, low noise, low residue.
    鈼?The working parts are laser-cut, mechanically bent and welded.
    鈼?Screw blade is continuously hot rolled and has good wear resistance.
    鈼?Conveyor shaft tube is made of seamless steel pipe with high strength and high coaxiality.
    Technical Parameter
    ModelSpeed (rpm)Capacity (m3/h)
    Product Picture
    Assembly type design, convenient for transportation.
    Packing and Delivery
    For safety transportation purpose, we use standard exporting packing for all the machines. Packing method such as wood box/tray, steel box/tray etc, to ensure the machine will be reached to you safely.
    1) When equipment is less than 6m long, several complete machines can be packed in
    whole and should be fixed between them, so as to prevent any collision, deformation to the housing, or damage to the surface paint which will affect the appearance quality.
    2) When equipment is more than 6m long, dismantle the complete machine into several components and then carry out the integral package.
    3) In addition, damp-proof facilities should be available to prevent machine from rusting.
    4) Stipulations on transport, When equipment is less than 6m long: place one set of or several sets of complete machine on a pallet and then handle them with fork lift after properly fixed.
    5) When equipment is more than 6m long: place several similar or different components together on a pallet and then handle them with fork lift, but it is necessary to prevent the equipment from subversion and rolling down.
    Our Service
    [Consulting Service] Our consultant provides you with pre-sales expertise consulting services, system evaluation, providing the best engineering solution
    [Engineering Service] Set up special project team of technical, installation and sales for you. to design, install and commissioning a complete set of equipments, whole process tracking service.
    [Training Service] Our experts in technology and management provide you long term production, operation, management, maintenance and other professional skills training, to help you train operation, technology, management personnel.
    [Spare Part Service] We provides high-quality and reliable original accessories. And the service centers also keep store of a certain number of common accessories to meet the demand of rapid supply.
    [Site service] Our service engineer goes deep into your site to solve practical problems. Conduct on-site training on the use of products and seek for improvement of a new way of thinking and method to reduce cost and increase efficiency.Grain Conveying Equipment