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    Our History
    In 2001, the research workshop was built.
    In 2002, a large-scale workshop for industrial production of bioactive peptides was established.
    In 2003, the first large-scale production plant of soybean protein peptide was built.
    In 2004, drafted the first industry standard of protein peptide in China (Soybean Peptide QB/ T2653-2004).
    In 2005, the company became the largest protein peptide manufacturer in China, producing 5,000 tons of soybean peptide per year.
    In 2009, it鈥檚 the first domestic enterprise who obtained the soybean peptide production license.
    In 2011, it won the first grade progress prize on science and technology from National Light Industry Federation.
    Won the AAA certificate on quality credit of China Product Quality Association.
    In 2012, it was recognized as plant polypeptide research center on engineering and technology of Shandong province.
    In 2014, it was identified as engineering laboratory on bioactive peptide of Shandong Province.
    Bean Peptide won the silver prize at the 42nd Geneva International Exhibition of Innovative Products.
    In 2015, Corn Oligopeptide Production Patent was awarded the third prize by Shandong Patent and Intellectual Property Office.
    In 2016, the “Tianjiu-flinders Microalgae Project Joint Laboratory” was jointly established with Australia’s Flinders University.
    In 2019, won the “excellent award of China private science and technology progress” by China Private Science and Technology Promotion Association.
    Our Factory
    The company is a high-tech enterprise and a technology research and development center of Shandong Province.It鈥檚 registered the capital of 35 million yuan, covering an area of 52,000 square meters. It has the right of import and export . The company has passed ISO22000 and Kosher, Halal certification .In 2011, the company passed the quality credit assessment of China Product Quality Association and was awarded the AAA certificate of quality credit.
    Our Product
    Soybean peptide powder, wheat oligopeptide, corn oligopeptide, rice oligopeptide, walnut peptide, mung peptide, pea peptide, bean peptide , collagen peptide, Marine fish skin collagen oligopeptide, Marine fish bone collagen oligopeptide, freshwater fish protein peptide, oyster peptide, sea cucumber intestinal peptide, donkey-hide gelatin peptide, egg white peptide (albumin peptide), spirulina oligopeptide, cartilage extract……
    Product Application
    Functional food, health food, sports food, fermented products, special medical food and medical food
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Drying tower, concentration tower, ceramic membrane, separator, hollow fiber membrane, instantaneous sterilizer, enzymatic hydrolysis tank
    Production Market
    Our sale quantity in China is the first one .And we have exported American,Korea,Thailand,and Taiwan country etc.
    Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten quotation