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    Product feature and application
    Welding is a highly respected trade with countless applications in many industries, including the automotive industry, building construction, pipelines, mining, farming, and general fabrication of everyday household items. Employment growth reflects the need for welders in manufacturing because of the importance and versatility of welding as a manufacturing process.
    – Increase effective training time by 65%
    Learn from the welding process and quality of high-end automobile manufacturers, there are professional industry experts to demonstrate and audit many times, and the welding evaluation standard of all kinds of events.
    – Save training materials by 86%
    It is consistent with the actual welding process flow, and meets the daily teaching task under the condition of the existing practical training equipment, and meets the specific actual operation training.
    – Enhance skill mastery rate by 90%
    Compared with the traditional teaching method, it breaks the dry and dull phenomenon in the teaching of the specialized courses, stimulates the interest of the students, and trains the logical thinking of the students` self-learning.
    Latest news of Welding Education Industry
    The 45th World Body Repair Project Champion is present at the booth of CRAFTSMAN Intelligent Technology.
    On December 3, 2019, the 15th International Automobile Spare Parts, Maintenance, Inspection and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition was once again glorious.
    This exhibition gathers many outstanding manufacturers and service providers in the domestic automotive aftermarket, as well as domestic high-quality vocational education service providers and high-tech enterprises.
    With its rich service resources and professional technical strength, CNCRAFTSMAN will bring its own independently developed intelligent virtual welding teaching and training system and intelligent virtual spraying teaching and training system to this exhibition. The attention of multi-layered people, including industry, vocational colleges, and so on, was even received and highly praised by Xu Macau, the world champion of the 45th World Skills Body Repair Project.Wholesale Training Equipment