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    Mobile boat hoist is non-standard customized equipment with self-power, multi-point lifting, full hydraulic transmission, the upper structure is double door frame “U” type connection frame to meet different ship types (such as sailing) lifting operation demand.
    It is mainly used for boat’s water launching, plant lifting, and it can conveniently and quickly lift, maintain and repair of different boat or the transport work in the plant with very strong safety and reliability.
    In the application of small tonnage watercraft transportation machine, according to customer requirements and the environment, it can be designed as economic type full electric drive mode.
    Characteristics of Traveling mechanism
    • Consists of
    – Wheels
    – Hydraulic motor
    – Gear reducer
    – Axle
    • Different road conditions
    – Cement
    – Sand
    – Dirt road
    • Step-less adjustable traveling speed
    • Smooth and shock-free travelingbuy Boat Hoist