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    • DC12V or 24v
    • 5A( MAX )
    • 80W
    • 8OHM or 11OHM
    • Function: Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo, Air horn, siren, pulsar with PA and light switch, radio, connection with phone
    • One year warranty
    • Anti-vibration
    • Temperature -40℃- +50℃
    • Iron cover, aluminum alloy base, “U”shape bracket to install
    The ambulance siren amplifier is widely used for public security.
    The PA system works well with 80W speakers when the speakers say anything to warn on the road or in any situation.
    【Packing Information】
    Packing weight: 35KG Packing size: 64*38*43cm Packing Qty: 25pcs
    【Factory and Carton Fairs】
    Q: What is the MOQ?
    A: Most models, we don’t require a strict MOQ. Any way, if you can order more each time, you can have a most favourable price. And for the customized models, the MOQ depends on your projects.
    Q: What is the delivery time?
    A: Most models, we can ship them in 7-15days after your confirmation of ordering. And if we have inventory models, we can ship them in 1-2dasy after your confirmation of ordering.
    Q: Is the sample order available?
    A: We’re glad to accept sample orders before mass production order for you to test, and check our quality and service.Siren Amplifier price