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    About Us
    AAB was established in 2000 , specialized in R&D and production of baby diapers pull pull-ups , sanitary napkins, panty liners, adult diapers , light incontinence pads pads and other ancillary products . We offered OEM &ODM services for international customers and operated own brands in domestic markets for 18 years.
    AAB is located in the economic zone on west coast of China, with 100,000square meters high standard modern production base and 30,000 square meters of Germ-free, dustless, completed-enclosed, international standard production workshop, introduced more than 20 highly automated production lines, set up a complete set of advanced and standardized process, intelligent production operation system.
    AAB History
    AAB culture
    Mission:Focus on improving the quality of parent-child care, feminine individual hygiene care, senior hygiene care and other family articles of daily use, to serve hundreds of millions of happy families by professional performance of health and comfort.
    vision:Provide high-quality personal and home care medium/high-grade products in the duty of promoting healthy and harmonious development of global human society, to create a global excellent enterprise group with charm, competence and behavior expression force!
    core values:breakthrough, innovation, learning, contribution, happiness
    cultural ecology:Family culture in the core philosophy of”Extended Family”
    1锛歋PORTS ACTIVITIES AAB Group has established a basketball team a badminton team, a table tennis team and other sports associationsand established regular fellowship activities with other companies in the surrounding area . We have also open staff sports rooms and basketball courts and other places to provide long-term free recreationalplaces for the employees. In addition to these regular activities, AAB Groupalso actively organizes sports competitions, to enrich the staff’s sports and cultural life.
    2锛欵MPLOYEES鈥?LIFE AAB Group sends festive gifts and greetings to employees during the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival , the National Day and other traditional Chinese festivals ; they especially pay attention to the birthdays of employees and the care for female employees, and organize special activities to celebrate the March 8 Women’s Day, maternal condolences and other activities.
    3锛歊ECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES “Happy work, happy life” holiday entertainment activities allow employees to get decompressed and relaxed in their tense work and life. In addition, AAB Group also hold annual parties and other cultural activities for employees and offer important entertainment and leisure items for them.Customized Baby Pull Up